How Much A Bad Review Can Affect a Business

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Customers are very crucial assets to the business.

They determine how much profit you make the slightest mistake to treat them badly or dissatisfy them can be very costly.

Just like a good review can make your business prosper, a bad review as well can be the start of a business downfall. For instance, RebelCords owners have said they have come under attack from competitors leaving malicious bad reviews

It may not necessarily be immediately but eventually, it may cost you a whole business. A bad review can cost a business about 50% on sales within a short time.

There are so many reasons that would result in a bad review from your customers which include the following:

Factors that may lead to bad reviews Poor customer services: Customers are the main reason why the business run smoothly from the profits,

In fact, they are the reason a business qualifies to be called so and if you can’t look after them well, they won’t be happy. If a business does not have a system where the customers can raise issues and complains and have them taken care of, then the customer is likely to leave a bad opinion of the business.

Low-quality products: Everyone what to see a value for their money. If a customer purchases a product and it happens to be of poor quality than described they can’t be happy.

In fact, they will be so pissed they might describe the product they bought being worse than it actually is.

Overpricing: At first the loyal customers may not know if a business is overpricing an item compared to the quality.

A customer who can compare what the business is offering with others may figure it out and could be the one leaving a review.

The pain of losing that extra penny is what will result in bad customer reviews.

Consequences of a Bad Review Loss of Potential Customers: No one would want to get poor services on any day.

People are relying on reviews to know where to get the best product especially online reviews. If for example a person is visiting a particular place and want a hotel room, they will never go for those that have a poor review.

High Cost of Redemption: Since the business has to continue making profits to survive, investors may be forced to incur several costs.

Just to convince the customers that the business has changed its way of operating, expenses for such may be necessary. A business may need to advertise itself across several media, get gifts for the customers and other promotional things that will cost money.

Lack of trust and low profits:

One product’s review may cause a business other products. If a business has a certain product with a negative review, customers and other potential customers will assume all the products are like that.

Even though that may be different, somehow that sales will go down reducing the profits a business makes.

End to business:

The moment the customers stops flowing in due to bad review the cost operation may be higher than that profits. Slowly by slowly, the business may try to cut cost and do something about it, Eventually, it won’t be able to keep up.

The simple extra things are what makes the customers happy and willing to refer their friends. Customers need to feel appreciated and able to trust whatever they get service or product they are paying for.